R & D

New Drugs

At our Central Research Center, we have an excellent team of researchers with master’s and PhD degrees who carry out R&D for the development of new drugs to help women combat menopausal symptoms.

The symptoms of menopause can vary. Among them, the vasomotor symptom encompassing hot flash and night sweat is the most common health problem. To treat these symptoms, we aim to develop a new drug that can serve as an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy.



Finding leader compounds

Our researchers have been finding leader compounds proven to be effective in previous research and are currently working on organic synthesis of various derivatives. After confirming their safety by assessing the leader compounds and derivatives, identifying their mechanism of action (MoA), carrying out efficacy tests using animals with diseases, toxicity tests, and pharmacokinetic tests, we are planning to submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Once it is approved, we will then conduct clinical trials.


R&D Road Map

New drugs to treat menopausal syndrome


Market Size

Women’s menopausal drug market size

Despite the risks associated with using estrogen replacement therapy, a form of therapy to the symptoms of menopause, more and more people are doing it because there is no alternative to it. Once an effective new drug for menopause is developed, it will become a blockbuster drug across the world.

Projected market size of estrogen replacement therapy in North America





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