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Business Areas

We specialize in health functional foods made with natural ingredients to help middle-aged and older women manage menopausal symptoms, weight gain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, memory loss, and so on.
In addition, our focus lies on developing new drugs to combat menopausal symptoms.

  • Nine B’s Technology

    We managed to attract large-scale investments from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and venture capital investors and were recognized for our original technology and its commercial potential.

  • Nine B’s R&D

    We have been conducting R&D that involves exploring new functional ingredients, assessing their potency, conducting clinical trials, and developing new products.

  • Nine B’s Vision

    Nine B aims to be “listed on KOSDAQ by passing a special technical evaluation.” To do so, we will have functional ingredients individually approved by Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for our health functional foods and obtain INDs and conduct clinical trials for our new drugs.

    *IND : investigational New Drug


Nine B’s corporate identity can show its brand identity

Logo Design


"Nine" refers to number “9”, which has been considered a complete number associated with positive energy called YANG, one of the two key concepts (YIN and YANG) in Eastern philosophy. It embodies our vision to become perfect with the best technology and products."B" is the first letter of the word “Biotechnology”

Brand Colors


Green in our logo refers to “Nature”, Blue refers to“Health”. They embody our goal of using effective natural ingredients to create products “With Great Health Benefits”

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