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  1. Q Where can I buy your products?

    A Our products are available at our official online shopping mall or discount stores, or through door-to-door sales. For any other inquiries, please contact our customer service center (+82-70-7882-1684).
  2. Q What are the differences among health functional food, medication, and general food?

    Health functional food refers to a dietary item manufactured and processed in the form of a tablet, capsule, liquid, and pill using functional ingredients or raw materials beneficial to the human body. It has a potentially positive effect on one’s health, providing nutrients affecting the structure or function of the body and promoting physiological benefits.
    Meanwhile, medication refers to a drug used to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, producing a pharmacological effect when administered to a living organism. General food is considered healthy and consumed widely, although the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has not officially approved it. It can be categorized into food under the Food Sanitation Act without being proven functional.
  3. Q What is the best way to store health functional food?


    Please keep your product at room temperature while avoiding exposure to sunlight. Unless stated, you must avoid storing it in a fridge. You must check the storage instructions on the product label.

  4. Q When is the best time for the intake of health functional food?


    Please check the instructions on the product label.

    If it is not indicated that a product should be taken before or after a meal, it is recommended that you maintain the dosing interval regardless of meals

  5. Q Is it okay to take prescription drugs along with health functional food?

    Most health functional food can be taken with prescription drugs.
    However, you must maintain the dosing interval so that they do not affect the absorption of prescription drugs.
    Besides, there could be a health functional food that cannot be taken depending on the patient’s condition or type of prescription drug.
    If you are taking a prescription drug, you should consult a doctor or a pharmacist first before choosing a functional food.
  6. Q Are there any precautions for the consumption of health functional food?

    Health functional food is a product that helps you stay healthy.
    Please keep in mind that it is not a medication for treating symptoms. You must exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet while having the right product to help you stay healthy.
    Besides, as most of our products are fortified and enriched, it is highly recommended that you follow the right dose and intake instructions on the product label.